Fresh Testimony Rolling In


Maxfield Parrish

20 February, 2015


I am so pleased to have been introduced to you and your fine restorative teaching skills.  I have been doing yoga for a good part of the past 17 years, and your class takes me on such a deep, inner journey.  I so appreciate your skills and wanted to personally thank you and express my gratitude.


Yoga Teacher Trainee

2 thoughts on “Fresh Testimony Rolling In

  1. Leslie

    I could honestly say the same thing, and add to it. Brooke, you stir then settle things up in my head, body and spirit. Though I want to revisit and refocus in repeated ways, I also want you to change it up. And you do. Keep growing, sister. And keep me/us growing too.

  2. brookewestyoga Post author

    Hi, Leslie!

    My teaching is informed by ten years of practice in the Bikram Yoga studios, where a standardized dialogue is used in every Bikram class around the globe. I have practiced in London, LA, Santa Cruz, Seattle, San Luis Obispo… It’s always the same. The benefit of the repetitive nature of the classes is a directive, deeply meditative tone during each practice which students come to depend upon. Once students are familiar with the fundamental sequence, interiorization of the senses, or pratyahara (one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga) and a more effective, trauma-free experience and personal practice can be achieved without distraction, without the personality or ego of the instructor to interrupt the meditation of the students.
    I am constantly studying and practicing Yoga and I learn and introduce new skills as they complement my basic teaching style and vocabulary.
    Perhaps I can get a more active class on my teaching schedule that you can attend – or come to a class that I sub – I have a ton of tricks up my sleeve. In Restorative, Yoga nidra classes, however, I try to keep it consistent for best results.

    I am grateful for your comment and glad to serve. It is a true privilege to guide people through their yoga practice.

    Go deep.


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