Here are some comments from students about their experiences:

Beach Sand Grains Magnified 250 times

“I feel better.” –E. Cavassa

“Directly due to regularly attending this class for nearly two years and practicing what I’ve learned at home every day, I am able to walk without additional support and have resumed most of my normal activities. The breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques, restorative and strengthening poses and the sheer joy I feel attending the class with Brooke and the other students have improved my pain level, physical and emotional strength and well-being beyond words.
To my knowledge Brooke’s… class is the only yoga class of its kind in the entire county. It is completely unique in that nearly anyone can do it: Brooke adapts the teaching to accommodate each student’s abilities…” J. Brown

“Thank you so much for a lovely and informative practice.
 I had a moment to chat with the woman in the corner of the room…  She mentioned that she felt amazing and pain free and couldn’t remember the last time she felt that good.  What a rewarding experience.” S. Twist

“These sessions with Brooke West Yoga are amazing…perfect to counter all the anxiety from all the good and not so good things life has been bringing my way lately. I feel the effects for several days.” -E. Carraway

“I felt the effects for two weeks.” -C. Portin

“Brooke is a mystic who inspires people to look within themselves. Her gift is to align people with who they really are, leading people to the right conclusions by themselves. Her energy supports evolution and awakens things in people… her presence inspires, on a soul level, transformation. She heals simply by presence. Yoga is the vehicle to transmute stuck, darkened shadow energy. She shows people how to resolve into the Light, how to offer life force to resolve any blocks… She leads people to a higher state of consciousness.” J. G. v B.

“People heed alarm clocks. For spiritual emergence, you are the bell. It’s not ‘shades’ of awakening, you are the sound of awakening. Your emergence is attractant.”Molly E.

“You are such a wonderful gift to those of us who benefit so much from Ananda Yoga. Thank you for the thought and preparation that you give to each class, and for finding ways to meet our needs. I am so very glad that I finally began taking your class, and I know that I’ll be doing it as long as you continue to teach. After every class, my knees move more smoothly, and I feel relaxed and at peace…” Y. Waddell

“She is a true healer.”Nancy Walker, Director of The Wellness Kitchen, Templeton

This week has been a whirlwind and an emotional rollercoaster…but in all honesty, the basic breathing you’ve taught me has definitely been making a difference. Thank you. Stretching is also helping. These practices are helping me be more in tune to what’s going on inside me, instead of just tumultuously going along, letting emotions thoughts and feelings have their way, I’m stopping, and thinking, and putting into practice these basic techniques. Not a cure all by any means, but wow, unbelievable how much control I really have, with the right direction and information. –A. Muller-Shadduck

“I am an 80-year old woman for whom the Restorative Yoga class is critical to my health. My physician, as well as health research, recommends this yoga as a way to relieve my arthritis and as one means to prevent its progression. I have seen my own improvement and that of others in this class.” -E. Sosna

“I have a rare autoimmune disease which has no cure. My condition is complicated by multiple allergic reactions to nearly all medications… Practicing yoga is one of the few therapeutic options for me. Although yoga will never be a cure for my condition, it has enabled me to alleviate some of the symptoms through stress-reduction and to cope better with my condition… Thank you so much for your wonderful talent, loving care, creativity, ability to explain complicated things in an easy way.” –A. Whipple

“As a retired person who lives with a permanent disability due to repetitive injury from a 38-year clerical career in higher education, the senior class offered…                                     has been life-changing. I have learned restorative, relaxation and stretching techniques that have improved the quality of my life. Brooke West is a gifted instructor and I have met several members of the… class that have experienced life-enhancing results from their practice of restorative yoga.”K. Lamoree

“…Master of her craft.”Sean Levahn, Sound Healer, founder of Original Frequency

“…A huge force for positive change!” – Dabney Alix, founder of Shades of Awakening.

“Thank you Brooke, for your silky voice, your interest in our health, learning more each year to share with us, making Ananda Yoga a reality in our community. Namaste. R. Baxter