Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Begins September 28, 2019

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
with Therapeutics, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Trauma Sensitivity

Experience and Teach True Relaxation

Two Modules

September 28 through November 2, 2019 


January 25 – February 29, 2020

Trainings meet Saturdays 10:00am – 2:00pm

at Brooke West Yoga | Yoga West Cooperative

7730 Morro Road Suite 207 Atascadero

San Luis Obispo County, CA

This training is designed for Yoga teachers, practitioners and anyone with a sincere desire to learn more about Restorative Yoga, meditation and relaxation for health and personal development. 

New and experienced yoga teachers, mind-body wellness professionals and those with a servant’s heart, such as body workers, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, mental health and public service professionals of all kinds, first responders and life coaches are all welcome. 

Learn to practice and assist others in balanced sequences of restorative poses, meditation and yoga nidra for relief of stress, pain, depression, addiction and behavioral issues, anxiety, tension, trauma and more. These trainings are personal, warm, lively, engaging, relaxing and packed with resources and information which will be useful in many areas of your life.

Authentic relaxation can be the most difficult skill to master. The remedies of time, calm atmospheres, feeling cared for and being calmly witnessed can allow us to rebuild our health, our sense of self-worth and our productivity. With willingness, Restorative Yoga can be accessed by most any practitioner, no matter their fitness or experience level.

Yoga teachers and health care providers may be interested in learning and teaching Restorative Yoga for many reasons, among them:

  • Restorative yoga and meditation is safe for all stages of life and can be comfortably adapted for most physiques;
  • Restorative Yoga is a loving and kind practice, which appeals to compassionate care providers because it is so nurturing to offer and to receive; 
  • Teachers can physically sustain teaching these gentler practices over a long career; 
  • The atmosphere is calming for the teacher and the student; and  
  • Students and teachers everywhere are requesting that gentle, more passive, regenerative self-care practices – natural and effortless gateways to meditation – are made more readily available. 


Creating Safe and Calming Environments

Restorative Yoga Poses

Personal Practice • Teaching

Alignment • Assisting • Adjustments • Modifications for Accessibility

Physical and Energetic Benefits • Contraindications

Sequencing • Props • Cueing • Tone • Pacing • Silence 

Sequences for Balancing Chakras • Anxiety Relief • Depression Relief

Solutions for Common Complaints

Meditation • Yoga Nidra

Trauma- Sensitive, Trauma-Informed Training 


Practical, technical skills to expertly set up and modify poses for individual needs in a trauma-sensitive environment.
Learn and understand sequencing to relieve specific physical and psychological issues and to support special problems safely.
Consider principles, silence, affirmations and languaging for effective relaxation.

Experience and lead practice sessions.
Develop intuition and an eye for alignment, breath and body language.
Trauma-informed movement, breath, and other skills to promote calmness.
Learn how to make people comfortable and how to expertly guide relaxation.
Learn how to create a sense of security in any environment.


The tone of Brooke’s trainings is relaxed, friendly, personable and casual while serious in focus and attention to safety and detail. This is an intensive learning environment. Both group process and fundamentals of yoga will be emphasized. Meditation and trauma-sensitive skills will be taught throughout, as well as sharing of personal experience, discussion, lecture, question & answer, partner teaching, lessons, reading and internationally resourced material, including a manual, and direct experience of resting.
Expect to cover a large amount of material in each session and also to spend a significant amount of time practicing and experiencing deep relaxation in the poses.
You will leave skilled and equipped with tools, experience and confidence to build and teach restorative practices for yourself and others.  Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units will reflect all training hours that the student attends. Group ZOOM calls are offered for students who would like mid-training support. They are not required for students to attend, however the courtesy of an RSVP is requested. Go to and register for free. A link will be sent to you via email at the time of the session to join the call.


Module 1

Saturday, September 28, 2019  
Introduction + Relaxation +

Sitting Comfortably + Lying Down: Savasana  

Saturday, October 5

The Nervous System + Breathing and Pranayama Techniques

Child’s Pose + Legs Up The Wall 

Tuesday, October 15 
Optional Online ZOOM Group Call 6pm – 7pm

Saturday, October 12

The Subtle Body + Meditation, Mudras and Marmas 

Supported Side Twist + Mountain Brook Pose 

Saturday, October 19


Supported Bridge + Baddha Konasana + Variations

Saturday, October 26

Abdominal Twist + Supported Side Stretch + Yoga Nidra

Tuesday, October 29 
Optional Online ZOOM Group Call 6pm – 7pm 

Saturday, November 2 Breathing and Pranayama Techniques + Teaching Practicum + Meditation + Savasana

Module 2

including more postures, more variations to accommodate different physiques, subtle teaching techniques and practice teaching. Join us in January for a deeper inquiry into therapeutic sequencing (the focus of this module) and modifications,   Taking Module 2 alone can only be taken with prior approval from Brooke. 
To get the most comprehensive training, it is suggested that you take both Module 1 and Module 2.

Saturday, January 25, 2020  Introduction Balancing: The Chakra Sequence The Art of Sequencing for Deepest Relaxation
Saturday, February 1  Calming: Forward Bends + Anxiety Relief Sequence    Tuesday, February 4   6pm – 7pm Optional Online ZOOM Group Call

Saturday, February 8 Enlivening: Backward Bends + Depression Relief Sequence 
Saturday, February 15 Resting: Side Bends + Yoga Nidra 
Tuesday, February 18  
6pm – 7pm Optional Online ZOOM Group Call 
Saturday, February 22 Restoring: Sleep Sequence Restorative Yoga for Women’s Health Other Poses

Saturday, February 29 Breathing and Pranayama Techniques + Teaching Practicum + Meditation + Savasana  

10am to 12:15pm
Partner student teaching.Check-in, brief morning practice session. Learning the poses or sequence and modifications.
12:15am – 1:00am
Relaxation, meditation and short break
1:00 to 2:00
Wrap-up + final relaxationspecial skills and techniques. Discussion of the module sequence, Q & A, 

Required materials:
This style of Restorative Yoga uses only blankets as props. Please bring three blankets minimum (and up to eight, made of cotton or wool) and other props such as blocks or bolsters, if you would like to be trained with them. 
Bring a Yoga mat, water and a light snack, if you like.
Please bring a camera, a pen and notebook and an audio recording device, if you like.

Suggested reading:
Relax and Renew by Judith Lasater PhD PT
Yoga for Emotional Balance by Bo Forbes PhD
The Woman’s Book of Yoga & Health by Linda Sparrowe

You Receive

A Restorative Yoga Manual

A Recommended Resources and Reading List

A Certificate of Completion, which can be used to satisfy up to 52 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits.

Ongoing Teaching Support

Modules 1 & 2 


$1250 by September 12

Module 1


$650 by September 12

Module 2 


$650 by February 12

Click the underscored rate to register via PayPal. 

Payment plans may be available. Please contact Brooke. 

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for any reason, but you are free to transfer your registration to another attendee.

Brooke West is a Certified Yoga Therapist recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapy. 
She is a yoga therapy researcher, lecturer and founder of a yoga studio and co-director of a yoga and wellness cooperative.
She has refined her signature teaching style over fifteen years of teaching therapeutic Yoga in person and online, locally and nationally, in yoga teacher trainings and at international conferences as an invited lecturer. 
She has successfully served many demographics in many different settings, including seriously impaired students with emotional, mental, behavioral, physical and spiritual unease, by supporting and teaching people how to relearn how to rest very deeply. 
Trauma-sensitive Restorative Yoga, Yoga nidra and meditation are the foundation of her yoga therapy teaching practice. Find out more about Brooke here.  

Continue your self-care with this training.
Personal transformation and healing arises from rest, in the spaciousness of inner self-reflection.

Restorative yoga offers an antidote to today’s distractions, busyness, pain and disorder. Restorative Yoga and meditation illuminate ease, order, and clarity. These practices help us to develop our intuition and creativity, opening inner windows to reveal our purpose and offer a well from which to drink seemingly endless calm energy.

Please contact Brooke with any questions about this training by replying to this email.

Free Orientation & Tea 

Friday, September 6, 6:30pm – 8:00pm at the studio

Honored To Have Been Asked


Sunday, July 28
Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living 
689 Crocker St., Templeton

Brooke will be delivering the Sunday message: Relaxation and Your Spiritual Development
followed by a Restorative and Relaxing Yoga and Meditation Session at Noon 

I am honored to have been invited to present at CCCSL by Elizabeth Rowley, Spiritual Director, in the sweetest north
county chapel!
It even has a bell that they ring!

See the description below:

Brooke will discuss the importance of relaxation for spiritual development and lead a simple seated guided
relaxation. (There is no fee to attend the Sunday service.)

After the service, Brooke will offer a session of relaxation and restorative yoga for a deeper experience.
The investment for this session is $20 and you may register at the following link.

Friends – you don’t want to miss this opportunity to rest and relax your mind and body. You deserve it!

About Brooke West
Brooke has a lifelong connection to the Science of Mind/Church of Religious Science/Center for Spiritual
Living, which offers spiritual practices and community unconfined to any creed. CCCSL provides spiritual tools for personal and global transformation, to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence and envisions a
world that works for everyone. She will offer a bit of her moving story on Sunday.

Brooke West, BSc, C-IAYT is a yoga therapist and meditation teacher. She is co-owner of Yoga West
Cooperative, formerly Brooke West Yoga, offering classes, workshops and one on one yoga therapy to clients
for self-development, mental health and physical wellness.

Her specialty is in teaching Kriya Yoga Meditation in the lineage of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of
Autobiography of a Yogi, and in guiding people through restorative yoga, a passive, gentle style accessible to

She creates atmospheres of calmness so people can revisit the inherent peace that resides within us all, for
balance, clarity and effective living.

#RaiseTheVibe #CCCSL

Extra! Extra! Yoga West Cooperative In The News!

Happy Summer!

Atascadero News came out to the Yoga and Meditation studio and interviewed me last week about Yoga therapy running the healing arts studio cooperatively.

Read the article here!

Four fabulous and established teachers – Dorene Garvin, Erika Indrani, Kari Stettler, and Kris Beal – and myself are making the space a comfortable place for all of us to learn, stretch, reflect and heal. If you have not yet had the pleasure of making their acquaintance, you are in for a treat! They are all kind, generous and dedicated women. Together, we are enjoying growing as a team, turning the office into a counseling and massage room and building upon the schedule. The four of them graciously chose the name Yoga West Cooperative for this iteration, to honor my continued service to the community.

Check out classes and workshop details and the schedule:

The studio stays cool under the canopy of trees, so please visit us this summer, and bring your loved ones!

To those of you who cannot join us for whatever reason: we send you love.

May all of your dreams come true, harmoniously.

May friendship and the spirit of joyful collaboration lighten your days.

Best wishes for a peace-filled you and for a healthier planet this season.

Stay Positive, In The Light


Announcing Yoga West Cooperative!

I have invited four amazing women – all teachers and helping professionals – to support the studio and our community in a cooperative way. Kris Beal, Kari Stettler, Dorene Garvin and our longtime friend Erika Indrani Eddy are gearing up to offer more classes for your peace and health at the studio this summer.

Please go to for more details, more classes, bios on the teachers, a calendar (!!) and more!

Together is better. Thank you for your continued support!

Hari OM

Peace AUM

Upcoming Events for Health and Well Being


Enroll in a Private Yoga Therapy program

Book a free phone consultation



Upcoming Events and Classes in April and May at the Studio 

7730 Morro Road, suite 207, in Atascadero Center, Atascadero, upstairs, building in rear

Saturday, April 27, 7 – 9pm

Empath Support Group

Welcome all Empaths, Highly Sensitive People, and Indigos. This will be an open discussion about WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AN EMPATH. This is an accepting and safe place to show up as your authentic sensitive self, and to meet others like you.

This is an open and informal gathering to connect Empaths , HSP, spiritual seekers and Indigos. So we can support and empower each other. The support group is facilitated by myself (Holly Hansen), but peer lead and co-created by all who attend.

In the sharing round we will share our personal stories, tools, different healing methods that empower us, spiritual topics of interest, and close with a meditation.

Empath Support Group Led by Holly Hansen. $20

Saturday, May 4 9am – 10am

Chant the Hanuman Chalisa

by Donation with Dorene Garvin

This is a devotional chanting opportunity to Hanuman, one of the most chanted songs in India. Uplifting!

Monday Night Meditation
May 6
6pm – 7pm Learn To Meditate for Health and Peace
Offered by Brooke by Donation
the first Monday of each month
Beginners welcome

Embrace Your Surrender
Monthly Series for Women with Sex Coach Jayna Dickens
Saturday May 11 2pm – 4pm $35
Fun conversation, tricks for better sex and accessing natural woman power.
Sexy! Spiritual! Yogic! 


Saturday, May 12 12noon – 3pm

Decharging with the Elements with Dorene Garvin

Come learn and experience how to reduce your stress in minutes utilizing the power of the Five Elements, and in particular Earth, Fire and Water. This knowledge is beneficial to everyone, but especially those in the healing, teaching and entertainment professions. With or without our notice, we accumulate negative energies from our interactions with others, which over time can cause burn out, depression, and in the worst-case scenario, illness. Simple and effective tools are given which can be utilized right away to avoid this and ensure a long happy career. 

Dorene has been studying the knowledge brought forth from the ancient Indian palm leaf books by Sri Kaleshwar Swami since 2006. Her desire is to share this information far and wide.

Pre-registration required, call her at 805-549-0602 to reserve your spot. $45

Weekly Classes
Tuesday Mornings
Gentle Yoga
with Erika Indrani

Restorative Yoga and Meditation
Wednesdays and Thursdays *This may change in MAY to one evening per week*
with Brooke
5:45pm – 7:15pm
These classes are for all levels;
no experience necessary and a great introduction for people new to Yoga, in recovery of all kinds and needing gentle movement and deep relaxation. *Brooke will be traveling in May. Classes may be canceled or a substitute teacher may step in May 22 and 23. Please check back for details.*

Weekly Recovery Meeting
Women’s Intimacy in Al-Anon
Fridays Noon 

*Unless indicated, drop-ins are welcome, just come on by! No experience necessary.

One on One Yoga Therapy with Brooke

Please contact Brooke by email with inquiries.

Find us at Brooke West Yoga Therapy
7730 Morro Road suite 207
Atascadero Center near Curbaril, enter the driveway from Morro Road
Building in back of the lot, upstairs
in beautiful Atascadero 

Upcoming Events and Classes in February

Monday Night Meditation
February 4
6pm – 7pm Learn To Meditate for Health and Peace
Offered by Brooke by Donation
the first Monday of each month
Beginners welcome

New Moon Crystal Bowl, Reiki, Breathwork Sound Healing with Jamie Dubin
Tuesday February 5 6:30pm – 8pm $30 Venmo: Jamie-Dubin
Please write “Brooke” for the note or
pay at the door

Clothing Swap!
Saturday February 9 10am – 12pm
Bring five to fifteen items you would offer to your bestie!
Leftovers will be donated to charity!

Embrace Your Surrender
Monthly Series for Women with Sex Coach Jayna Dickens
Saturday February 9 2pm – 4pm $35
Fun conversation, tricks for better sex and accessing natural woman power.
Sexy! Spiritual! Yogic! 

It’s so amazing, we’ve added two dates!
Aroma Freedom Technique – Change Your Thought Patterns with Essential Oils
Monday, February 11 & Monday, February 25  5:30pm-7:30pm $35

Nonviolent Communication Group
with Michelle Madgett • Saturday February 16 Monthly 9:30am – 12:30pm
Observe • Feel • Need • Request • Magic
There will be a new class each month based on each chakra. February is the First Chakra!
This is a life-changing skill to practice.
Improve relationships of all kinds.
Learn to express your needs clearly and without a charge. Improve your family atmosphere. Be happier.

Soul Collage®
February 23
March 23
April 27
1pm – 4pm
SoulCollage® is a creative process involving magazine images, glue & matboard. No artistic talent is needed in this deceptively simple process that allows you to access the true voice of your inner self. Fun, relaxing & so satisfying! You will love your cards and the wisdom you find within! Your SoulCollage® Facilitator:
Janice Schoening 805-441-0608
Walk-ins welcome the day of!


Surrender! Relax! Relieve pain and tension!
Myofascial Release + Yoga Nidra with Jahara February 24 11AM – 1PM
$30 pre-reg/$35 at the door

Women’s Restorative Yoga and Meditation Retreat  • Ayurvedic Lunch • Shamanic Despacho Gratitude Ceremony • Silence Optional Sunday, March 10 11am – 5pm led by Brooke at a private ranch in San Luis Obispo$120 Pre-registration required 
Custom Yoga Therapy Programs

Weekly Classes
Tuesday Mornings
Gentle Yoga
with Erika Indrani

Weekly Classes
Restorative Yoga and Meditation
Wednesdays and Thursdays
with Brooke
5:45pm – 7:15pm
These classes are for all levels;
no experience necessary and a great introduction for people new to Yoga, in recovery of all kinds and needing gentle movement and deep relaxation.

Women’s Intimacy in Al-Anon
Fridays Noon 

*Unless indicated, drop-ins are welcome, just come on by! No experience necessary.

One on One Yoga Therapy with Brooke

Please contact Brooke by email with inquiries.

Find us at Brooke West Yoga Therapy
7730 Morro Road suite 207
Atascadero Center near Curbaril, enter the driveway from Morro Road
Building in back of the lot, upstairs
in beautiful Atascadero