Yoga Therapy

 Yoga therapy integrates traditional yogic concepts and techniques with Western medical and psychological knowledge.

Restorative Legs-Up-The Wall. Photo credit Annie Hopper, Pismo Beach Yoga.

Restorative Legs-Up-The Wall pose. Photo credit Annie Hopper, Pismo Beach Yoga.

Every person’s experience with illness is unique.

Individualized Yoga therapy interventions create, stimulate and maintain an optimum state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

 Yoga therapy supports personalized and empowered wellness, encompassing how we live and how we treat others.

Transformation is a process.

Health, movement, breath, psychology, deepening awareness of one’s place in the world, and within the ecosystem, all change over a lifetime.

Yoga therapy can improve the quality of one’s life, augment the efficacy of clinical treatment and draw upon other curative dimensions of the human experience and spirit. Yoga therapy helps individuals position themselves to experience recovery and to avoid recurrence.

Personal therapeutic needs are defined and redefined as we develop and practice the therapeutic alliance – both between practitioner and therapist and between practitioner and Self

Yoga therapy may be revisited over the course of weeks, months, years and over a lifetime. Inspiring – and inspired by – one’s own personal evolution, Yoga therapy practices nurture changing needs and gently reveal to us what sages call the process of Self-realization.

Together, we create for you an individualized, holistic, Yoga-based therapeutic strategy.

Yoga therapy sessions begin with thorough assessments of each client’s lifestyle, diet, personal health issues, experiences and environment

Simple recommendations,, including movement and lifestyle (ayurveda) suggestions, usually in combination, follow. In subsequent meetings, client and therapist discuss what worked, and, importantly, what didn’t work.

A  +Yogayurved personal practice is designed and tailored to best achieve your goals for wellness.

Yoga therapy is intended as an integrated approach to complement, and not to replace, conventional medical treatment, nor is Yoga therapy intended to diagnose any condition. Yoga Therapy should not be interpreted as a substitute for medical treatment. Every effort will be made to partner with your health care team. Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. All services comply with HIIPA regulations.

 Techniques may include Yoga nidra • deep relaxation •  active and Restorative Yoga postures • Energization Exercises • ayurveda  • nourishment counseling • daily and seasonal rhythm adjustments affecting the five senses • awareness practices including meditation and visualization exercises • body/mind hygiene • breathing techniques • self-massage techniques • affirmations tailored to your current mindset  • spiritual counseling • reading lists • aromatherapy • nature therapy • color therapy • other activities to help you to uncover and affirm stress-resilience, health and an improved quality of life.

trees and sky

Photo credit Annie Hopper, Pismo Beach Yoga.

Courage  •  Willingness  •  Inspiration  •  Resilience

Effects of a Yoga practice may be detected overnight. Significant and sustainable changes can be measured after six weeks. Twelve weeks is a recommended cycle of time to securely replace old habits and enjoy new ones. Daily practice is ideal and is strongly encouraged.

 Yoga philosophy is beautifully compatible with 12-Step philosophy. Members of 12-Step recovery programs, as well as non-12-Step recovery models, are encouraged to practice Yoga and meditation to complement their recovery.

If you live with or experience hearing limitations; trauma; chronic or acute illness; pain; are recovering from injury, physical, psychological or psychiatric illness, surgery, grief or other matters that affect your quality of life, please be forthcoming. Integrated modifications for individual situations are the foundation for comfortable, beneficial and efficient Yoga therapy.