To Reclaim Peace

Yoga Therapy and meditation help people remember their natural state, to realize calmness and peace. Ancient Yogic practices done in our modern day cultivate personal awareness, show us how to be good people and expand our spiritual potential through relaxation.

To remember that we contain within our consciousness a center where nothing ever changes, an infinite or undivided bliss, known by many names – this is the awareness that Yoga brings. We are not the weather patterns. We are the watcher. Witnessing becomes familiar and is freeing for us.

I help people recognize their innate healing resources. My clients transform their lives by attunement with their own sense of spirituality and integrity in relationship with a member of the community of survivors.

Traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and other types of dysregulation can be balanced. With practice, profound shifts of inner realities renew engagement with life, refreshing one’s attitude and energy. Spiritual emergence and emergency can become comfortable, enjoyable, informative and integrative.

Control and power over our lives are reinstated by learning to direct life-force energy. Moods and perceptions can shift at will and be sustained in positive ways.

Emphasis is placed on wellness; compassionate self-care; healthy, purposeful, conscious living and personal Yoga and meditation practices.

Raja Yoga (meditation), yamaniyamas (ethical principles), Hatha Yoga (exercise), Yoga nidra (relaxed stillness between wakefulness and sleep), and Ayurveda (wholesome living) return practitioners to peace.

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