To Reclaim Peace

Yoga Therapy and meditation help people remember their natural state: calmness and peace. Ancient Yogic practices cultivate personal awareness, show us how to be good people and expand our spiritual potential through relaxation.

Our services are available to potential students who have had a realization and are waking up – to their true nature, learning to live life from a new perspective.

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Brooke West is a Yoga Alliance® Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Yoga Therapist by The International Association of Yoga Therapists. She holds an undergraduate degree from California Polytechnic Sate University, San Luis Obispo. She has taught thousands of people around the U.S., conducted Yoga therapy research, presented at conferences and leads trainings and retreats. Her specialty is mental health and supporting spiritual emergence.    Click here for more information.

Brooke offers one on one Yoga therapy programs for people with various medical challenges. Mental health and wellness are always a component of the care she offers.

Brooke West and the studio she co-founded, Yoga West Cooperative, offers classes, events, retreats, trainings and workshops to help clients who have a serious commitment to exploring personal wellness.

Build a healthy, thoughtful lifestyle with meditation as the cornerstone.

Remember we are not the weather patterns. We are the watcher. When witnessing becomes familiar, it frees us from fear, stress and anxiety. It is that simple.

Professional Yoga teachers and Yoga therapists can help you learn to help yourself.

“I feel better.” –E. Cavassa

“She is a true healer.” –Nancy Walker, Director of The Wellness Kitchen, Templeton

“I felt the effects of a single class for two weeks.” -C. Portin

“Brooke is a mystic who inspires people to look within themselves. She leads people to a higher state of consciousness.”  J. G. van Buerden.

A personal note from Brooke:

I help people recognize their innate healing resources. My clients transform their lives by attunement with their own sense of inner wisdom, spirituality and integrity.

I am a trauma survivor who boldly proclaims that Yoga changed my life, my body and my mind, and that Yoga can do the same for you.

Self-regulation is possible and is the best kind of lifestyle management.

Traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and other types of dysregulation can be balanced without medications or in concert with them. With practice, profound inner shifts renew one’s engagement with life, refreshing one’s attitude and energy. Spiritual emergence and emergency can become comfortable, enjoyable, informative and integrative.

Control and power over our lives are reinstated by learning to direct our energy in positive ways. We can shift mood, body temperature, identification with pain and more at will.

The emphasis in Yoga therapy is on wellness; compassionate self-care; healthy, purposeful, conscious living and personal Yoga and meditation practices.

Raja Yoga (meditation), yamaniyamas (ethical principles), Hatha Yoga (exercise), Yoga nidra (relaxed stillness between wakefulness and sleep), and Ayurveda (wholesome living) return practitioners to peace.


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Announcing Yoga West Cooperative!

I have invited four amazing women – all teachers and helping professionals – to support the studio and our community in a cooperative way. Kris Beal, Kari Stettler, Dorene Garvin and our longtime friend Erika Indrani Eddy are gearing up to offer more classes for your peace and health at the studio this summer.

Please go to for more details, more classes, bios on the teachers, a calendar (!!) and more! Find us at 7730 Morro Road suite 207, Atascadero, in Atascadero Center, building in back, upstairs.

Together is better. Thank you for your continued support!

Hari OM

Peace AUM


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