Personalized Yoga Therapy Programs


Explore realization through the time-tested tradition of Yoga with a guide who has journeyed through and integrated these experiences.

From a serious illness to a sudden mourning, from an existential crisis to a deliberate pathway of awareness, like meditation or sitting with plant medicine, students examine the many different factors which can produce awakening. Students will learn practices that help bring forth awakening and will develop their corporeal, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual awareness.

This is achieved through exercises in meditation, somatic awareness, self-observation, and dialogue. Students and clients also learn how to face any negative side effects that such a transformation can produce when it happens to an unprepared individual and/or in a social world that is very skeptical and even scared by transpersonal phenomena and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Students, once trained, choose which Yoga-based techniques to practice and how frequently for personal growth, comfort and positive result. Informed, Yoga-based suggestions create personalized therapies for the individual. Changes may be slow, subtle, fast and profound. Choosing wellness for yourself is the most important, consistent, daily choice that you can make. Everyone benefits from your well-being!

 Reveal significant calmness, peace, joy, wisdom and harmony.
Be expertly guided. 

Care by Phone, Skype, Zoom FaceTime 
Free 25 minute consultation
Twelve Week Programs
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New self-care habits are to be integrated in pulses, as each individual feels willing. Yoga therapy is a very personal experience, greatly enhanced and enjoyed when shared with a group and community.
Yoga practices are empowering.
Yoga therapy sessions include assessment; introduction to Yogic concepts; tailored, balancing lifestyle education; practice of techniques (including but not limited to breath, movement and rest); spiritual counseling; Restorative Yoga; meditation and take-home suggestions to sustain your Yoga practice.
Follow-up meetings ensure that your needs are met, that your concerns are addressed and that adjustments can be made to equip you with optimal result.

For Yoga therapy to be successful, it must be practiced regularly. For this reason, Yoga Therapy programs are long-term.

Programs are designed for people prepared for sincere self-inquiry and to the therapeutic process, which requires time, patience and self-pacing to design and integrate a new way of conscious, happy living.  

Every effort will be made so that individual Yoga therapy services are available to those sincerely seeking therapy.
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“Yoga is strong, slow medicine.”-Dilip Sarkar, M.D.