Ways to Check In With Yourself for Self-Regulation

How do I feel in this moment?

What do I want to do right now?
Do I want to keep checking in with myself right now? Am I willing to come back to it later?

What’s my energy level like today?

How’s my pacing? What did I do yesterday? Am I recovering from activity? What am I digesting physically/mentally/emotionally/socially/spiritually/on a soul level?
What do I need to do tomorrow? Can some of this energy be saved for then? Do I need to generate some energy for something upcoming by resting or moving?
Do I have muscular/physical tension? What level is it?
Do I want to discharge it by lying/standing/sitting? Do I want to fold forward?
Do I want to move my neck?
Do I want to backbend?
Do I want to move my arms?
Do I want to move my spine?
Observe the breath.
What is my mind doing? Is my breath affecting my mental field?
Do I want to change my breath?
Check my list for breathing techniques to move the energy in the direction I’d like to go.
Am I willing to do any of these?
Four Foundational Fields To Observe:
The Physical body
The Mental body
The Emotional body
The Breath body