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Sound Healing and Restorative Yoga September 25, Yoga Village, Arroyo Grande, CA

Sound is identified as being one of the spiritual aspects of God or Source. Like an element, Sound is primordial (one of my new favorite words!): Sound is a pressure wave formed from pulses of alternating high and low air pressure. Sound comes from any places in a medium such as air where the particles are pushed out of a state of rest.

Practice returning and returning and returning to rest. Calmness, another aspect of Source, lies with you, as a person, always, waiting to be revealed. Strengthen your capacity to self-heal in a nurturing environment paved for your return to spiritual peace.

Be tucked in on your journey toward a state of Oneness with blankets and bolsters and calming meditation, gently stretching and resting your mind, body and consciousness. Return to the world renewed and realigned with Calmness, with Source and with Sound perceived from within and beyond.

It is an honor to collaborate with Sean Levahn, founder of


YV 9:25:16 Sean