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This link Yoga! Meditation! Omega-3’s! inspired this blog.


Alternative and complementary resources are being sought for ease of symptoms associated with psychiatric disorders.

At The International Association of Yoga Therapist’s Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research, held in Boston, MA, in June of this year, “complementary” was described as  an “aid and abet” technique, relative to traditional therapies, complementing current technologies. “Alternative” was described as “disruptive technology,” disrupting and changing the flow of energy for increased reduction of symptoms, independent of traditional medical methods. Yoga therapy can fall into both categories.

As a Yoga Therapist interfacing with the psychiatric community, my intention is to help other healing professionals, so that we may work together to create a strong, bright, healthy community, by meeting the student where they are and offering the most effective techniques at the time of suffering to alleviate suffering.

People are dying from chronic illness. Root causes include lifestyle factors and unsustainable health care costs.

Breathing techniques, rhythmic movements, simple chants or affirmations…

where the student is met where they are and where all efforts are praised…

…can make changes in behavioral health and wellness, including stress reduction and stress management.

Yoga, as treatment as well as prevention, can mobilize the innate healing potential of the self. Yoga is being shown to be clinically beneficial and is a cost-effective intervention affecting the mind-body network.