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I Was Interviewed by Bob Banner and Hopedance: My Recovery, Spiritual Emergence and Healing Voices Film

Ten years ago, I was so grateful to Bob Banner for the work that he has done sharing alternative news with our community that I began spending some time with him. Unfortunately, at that time, I was moving into a psychosis that landed me, not in the hospital but in the county jail (because of a plumbing issue). We were both traumatized by this experience and have come around to understanding, forgiveness and promotion of one another’s work. Follows¬†are some very personal explanations of who I am and what I do, prompted by his curious and caring questions. I hope that you enjoy my answers, learn a little about me and will attend the viewing that Bob and I are sponsoring of Healing Voices¬†, documentary on psychosis and recovery on February 27, 6pm, at the San Luis Obispo Public Library Community Room on Palm street, downtown. $6 – $10 donation.

Remember, psychosis can occur for many reasons: traumatic stress, post-partum, use of psychedelic drugs, because of inflammatory disorders like lupus… and are not just associated with mental health diagnoses. Psychosis may be temporary and often marks the beginning of a healer’s – a hero’s – journey.


I’m Having A Lot of Fun Working at Cal Poly Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist

Thank you to Marta Block for reminding me of the miracle and genius of Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, professor of Psychiatry at Boston Medical School. She’s a psych teacher at Poly and has invited me to teach her class on Wednesday, February 15.

Listen to this to inform yourself.


I also got to speak with the gal who was possibly traumatized in my class that time, who I blogged about (“Each Mind Matters”). I was nervous to talk to her and she was, probably, too, to talk with me, but she looked happy. And then I left her a note and a sticker in that locker that she and I use.


Dr. Jane Lehr is helping me to promote Healing Voices, a documentary film.


Being sweet with myself. Hope you, too. AUM