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Retreat To Contextualize Your Spiritual Emergence Saturday, April 1, 2017

There is a movement happening among people who are creating context for their transformative experiences that are unable to be categorized in any other way except for “spiritual emergence.”

Stan Grof categorized Spiritual Emergence experiences in this way:

  • Shamanic Crisis
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Past Life Experience
  • Near Death Experience
  • Episodes of Unitive Consciousness
  • Psychic Opening
  • Possession States or Experiences with the Paranormal
  • Psychological Renewal Through return to the Center (True Nature)
  • UFO Encounters and Abductions
  • Channeling or Communication with Spirit Guides
  • Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

Anything that awakens you to your gifts, life’s purpose, gives your life a richer meaning or changes your character may fall under the category of spiritual emergence (SE). We might all have these types of experiences as part of the human condition. Some command more attention, effort and processing to integrate.

My life is full of such moments. Some paranormal experiences (deja-vu, seeing auras, trusting an inner knowing, even when it’s challenging) and crises (death of my sister, recognizing that college was a bad fit) catalyze(d) a shift of perspective for me, illuminating my connection to a Supreme Source and my place in the matrix of God and life.

I seek appropriate settings and fellowship – targeted resources to support my unique part of the journey. These needs change over time. For example, I have become very particular about the company I keep,to maintain an evolution of consciousness that supports the remarkable psychological changes that I am continually integrating as a spiritual seeker.

I choose to live in a way that is healthy, serves my community and contributes to peace in the world.

Saturday’s retreat at Crows End in Squire Canyon will fulfill my need for nature, good company, optional silence, healthy food shared, contemplative potential and my joy in serving those who seek deep transformation. Authenticity without animosity is rare these days.

Please join us in being the change. I hope the day that I have planned will fulfill a need for the emerging spiritual expression of participants.

Please register under the Work With Me/ Workshops tab on this website to join us.

Brooke Labyrinth

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