Six of the Most Useful Things that I Brought To Baja

Caravanning 1200 miles down The Baja, I didn’t know if I’d stay here forever, so I packed enough to survive if I did. I didn’t know if I’d like it here or if I would be too hot all the time or if I would click with the women I am traveling with. It has been a dream of a trip, better than I could have imagined, and a few things made it really comfortable…

Internal Homeopathic Arnica – I’ve shared it twice and it’s soothing for everyone’s heart to see tiny vial of Sweet Hope pills after falls, spills and bang-ups. It helped my new friends to rely on me a bit more and to trust and appreciate me – so valuable in the early days of the trip when we didn’t really know one another, which made me feel good.

Image result for arnica homeopathic

A Squat Pint Mason Jar – No spill! I served countless medicinal tincture cocktails in the car to my driver Julia while caravanning 1200 miles down The Baja, and I have soaked a lot of cashews and dates for vegan pies in this friend. A great coffee cup. I brought the plastic Mason jar lids, which aren’t drip-proof but are still easier to handle than the two-piece metal ones while on the road.Small Mason Jar

My Smartwool Pullover – Paid full price at MountainAir Sports in downtown SLO and will never regret it. Perfect weight, great color, 100% wool. Soft and yummy. I’ll wear it until one of us dies.

!SpanishDict! AppAll you need is to say the name with a certain tone and it gets a grunt of a laugh among our group of feminists – but seriously, quick translations of words and full sentences in English or Spanish with audio pronunciation has been really helpful and comforting. It was such a disadvantage without it for the first leg of the trip.

An Attitude of Possibility – God’s got a better plan for me than I can drum up when I am in anxious-mode. The month before I came here, I packed up my shit, threw it into storage, let go of my apartment and said “!Hasta luego!” to most of my clients. It has been a dream of a trip, better than I could have imagined, because I am staying easy-going (most of the time), trusting that the Universe has my back and sporting a sense of humor. I lightened up. I have been able to maintain a feeling great love for my companions and for my life and appreciating Infinite possibility – a “This or something greater” approach, an “I can deal with this, I’m in a foreign country” mindset. I am going home to the gift of a new Yoga studio that I didn’t expect to be given, with a bunch of new friends and the experience of living at beach retreat in Baja, to which I will return with friends from here and from home in the future.

Little packets of Coconut Oil from Trader Joe’s – An all-over cooling moisturizer – it’s so dry down here! Great to stave off hunger pangs. A little in the nose while camping in dusty RV parking lots. A little in the ends of the hair to make it cute. A little on the anus to soothe the tissues after diarrhea. Cuticle care. A protective sheen to swab on the ears. Makes vegan pies more substantive. 4 – 6 tablespoons per day for seven days kills intestinal parasites.

Image result for coconut oil packets Trader Joe's

AND ONE FOR GOOD LUCK! Spices – Thyme, Ground Cumin, Ground Ginger, Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon, a special Thai Green Curry dry spice. Brings the campsite alive!

Other things I am glad I brought:

My Preferred Clear Zinc Sunscreen and Sunscreen Chapstick (I ran out of Zinc and had my girlfriend bring me two jars when she visited)

Raw Cashews – can’t find ’em here

This Laptop

A Silk Scarf  (it’s my towel, my warmth, my sun- and wind-screen, my beach blanket, my window shade in the car, my sheet on the bed in unknown territory…)

Gluten and Lactose Enzyme Pills (I’ve eaten in more restaurants in eight weeks than in two years in SLO and haven’t had too many problems butI take these at every meal.)

Small Washcloths – I use one or two instead of a big towel for after showering. Takes up less space.

Extra Bags – plastic garbage bags, cloth book bags, ziplock bags, backpack, change purse, passport purse, endlessly useful.

My Earth Shoe Ugg Boots with the plastic clog-like shoe part. Great for sand walking.

Essential Oil Bug Spray – I am using DoTerra Terra Shield and one I made from a mix of oils I already had and put that in a glass spray bottle with witch hazel. The spray bottle is super convenient. Clove oil taken internally in water kills intestinal parasites.

Two Other Sizes of Mason Jars – a half-gallon and two quart jars. Bottled water or purificado from the agua store is essential .

My Down Pillow with Two Pillowcases and a two Flat Sheets – sheets are great for the sand and I sleep better in my own linens.

A Pumice Stone – everyone’s callouses fell off when we got here. My feet started disintegrating. But my heels are so smooth now!

Born in the Year of The Rat, I tend to pack heavy but I am glad to have these resources to make traveling comfortable.

Here’s a recent New York Times article that mentions this town. 

Here’s a video of where we are (a view of why I never want to leave and plan to return and lead Yoga and meditation retreats here – join me!).




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