In Light of the Massive Oregon Tragedy, et al

I woke this morning thinking of the genius of this meme, and then, my next thought was
Please, PLEASE, BE RESPONSIBLE about weapon access.


When I came out of the hospital the second and last time, ten years ago, before my consistent and synergistic Yoga, medication and psychotherapy practices, I was required to sign a document promising that I would not purchase a gun for one year from my discharge. It hadn’t occurred to me ever to buy a gun before that, and this gesture planted a seed. I thought it was absurd – my temperament is so non-gunny. I remember my sister and I laughing about it on the car ride home. It was a striking and impressive ritual upon release. It furthered my understanding of the gravity of my situation, and I was further humiliated and stigmatized by the icing on the cake.

I would like people to integrate deeply into their understanding that in psychosis, one is not and cannot be held responsible for behaviors -one is not in executive-brain control over them, it’s all lizard-brain, brain stem haywire.

It would be nearly impossible and unbelievable to convey the impotence that psychosis leaves one with. The symptoms are behavioral, not always detectable, manageable or treatable like a rash. Symptoms are baffling to those close to them. The behaviors are destructive, both subtly and grossly, to individuals and to communities.

There is no culturally-acceptable way of reasoning with a person in this biological state; reason is neurologically impossible because of brain dysfunctioning and brain disorder. It is understood that certain brain disorders cause suicidal and homicidal ideation.

If gun laws worked backwards, for example if one with a history of mental health issues were screened and denied then denied access for a lifetime, would that be a good political compromise? Would that change the pattern of killing sprees? Would that be, at least, a start?

And, a dream further: if these folks had therapeutic, Restorative, Yoga-based, intensive stress-reduction programming options for rehabilitation, including environmental rehabilitation for our communities based on counsel, ecology and inclusion, could it be helpful?

I imagine that this would bring peace, conscientiousness, a sense of deep security and justice to this complex circumstance.
AUM Shanthi

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