Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a form of restorative, guided meditation that settles the body and emotions and quiets the mind. Deep rest, self-observation and self-knowledge produce calm, restful states of consciousness during and after the practice.
When coordinated with Restorative Yoga poses, Yoga nidra allows for effortless, confident self-exploration and deep healing.
Gentle, soothing, guided, systematic body awareness and sensory experience is administered in a serene environment. Inner and outer atmospheres harmonize in a sedate way.
Yoga nidra activates theta and delta brain wave states, turning down the stress response dial while the body experiences exquisite comfort.
 The Five Senses, Sound Touch Sight Taste Scent
 Integral to the practice of Yoga nidra is contemplation on the body, on the present moment. This is mindfulness.
Yoga nidra is popularly used  treat severe post-traumatic stress in combat veterans with great result via Veteran’s Administrations and therapeutically for first responders and trauma survivors internationally.
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