Ayurveda is a medical science of living. It is a Sanskrit word meaning “life” and “knowledge.”

Ayurveda reminds us of our connection to the elements, pulses, patterns and natural energies of our ecology, our personal and our global relationships. Daily and seasonal biological rhythms, diet and environment affect our vibrancy. Ayurveda practices are relevant both when illness is present and when it is not. Ayurveda is both curative and preventative medicine.

While Yoga addresses mental hygiene by coaxing our consciousness toward calm, purified meditative states. Ayurveda concentrates on improving and maintaining physical health to aid our goal of achieving mental clarity for our best possible quality of life.

“The two main guiding principles of Ayurveda are 1.) the mind and the body are inextricably connected, and 2.) nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind.” -From www.chopra.com

I weave ayurvedic concepts throughout my teaching wherever possible.



The healing techniques of Ayurveda offer significant methods of restoring vitality and contentment.

 Individualize your practice by determining your dosha, or body-mind blueprint.

The Five Elements: Earth Water Fire Air Space

We are each made up of a combination of three doshas. The doshas are ruled by the five elements. Daily and seasonal cycles affect your dosha. You will gain an understanding of these concepts and learn how to manipulate these energies to find balance, increase your vitality and re-affirm your place within the ecosystem.

 Stoke the Digestive Fire: Agni sara.

This master practice targets the abdominal organs and the centers of consciousness (chakras) responsible for regulating and carrying out the instinctive life of the body. It affects not only our physical health but also our vitality and emotional life. Agni means fire, the elemental quality responsible for digestion, discrimination, and transformation. Sara means essence. Agni sara is highly effective for clearing away toxins and optimizing digestion. This practice can literally make you look younger by drawing energy from the pelvic bowl upward, giving you a glow. It If you had to choose only one practice, seriously consider agni sara for overall well-being!

Learn the language of Ayurveda. Evolve your community!

Westerners are beginning to deftly distill the ancient science of Ayurveda, making it accessible and applicable. Ayurveda’s popularity is going to continue to grow in our culture. Develop an understanding of common words and concepts to join the discussion. Empower yourself with positive, do-able wisdom. Reclaim rest and mood. Restore psychological and physiological disturbances. Use ancient wisdom translated for today to promote your well-being.


“Celebrate the Seasons of The Sun” – Vera Neumann