To Reclaim Peace


Do you struggle with tension, anxiety, depression? Do you have sleep issues like insomnia, or chronic pain? Have you been diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress?

Has your doctor recommended yoga or meditation?

This is a gentle place to start.

It is with great care and love that, starting today, we have temporarily closed the yoga studio to in-person events.

We always do our very best for the health of our community and we are grateful to you for supporting the studio as we create a path forward that feels true. What an opportunity to practice Yoga right in this moment!

Meditation, rest and relaxation are never more appropriate than right now.


Brooke’s Restorative Practices for Anxiety and Depression Release
scheduled for March 21 is postponed.

Gina’s Yin classes and Reiki will be postponed until after March 27.

Beginner’s Yoga Series is still scheduled starting April 8.

The Women’s Restorative Retreat is still scheduled for April 11.




Both Monday and Friday AL-ANON MEETINGS 12pm – 1pm

For now, to participate in online offerings, please EMAIL BROOKE specifying in which event you are interested or register above. You will be sent a Zoom link to log in at the time of class or meeting, and a payment link for $15.50 via PayPal for Thursday classes at 5:45pm.

Restorative Yoga and Meditation Thursday 5:45pm with Brooke

Deep Relaxation-based Restorative Yoga and simple meditation, perfect for all levels. No experience necessary.


DOWNLOAD (it’s free!). You will be sent a link by email before the event to join the meeting room. It is that simple!  💙💚💙

Because at this time we do not know how long we will be affected, and to respect the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing, yoga therapy clients and group classes will meet as scheduled via There will be no postponements of yoga therapy at this time. Thank you for your compassion, understanding and support. We are all in this together!
Please prepare for our session by finding a quiet place to practice (your bedroom and even your bed is fine); gathering blankets, towels, pillows, sheets and anything else you’d like to make yourself comfortable in poses (remember the benefit of weighted blankets, so grab a lot of blankets if you can!); put on your comfy clothes (jammies are fine! Natural fibers are best. Include socks and an eye mask or eye pillow); get a cup of tea and be ready for a nice experience. Please set up your device so that I can see you breathe, including at least your face and chest – the entire torso is preferable. Use whatever you need as a tripod if you are using your phone – books and the wall work great! 

Your continued support is paramount at this time – for yourselves, for small local businesses and for each other. Keep coming to class online, gifting classes, commenting and liking and sharing on Facebook (like here) and Instagram so that we can continue offering supportive rest, peace and calmness.

Are you seeking safe complements or alternatives to traditional medicine without medication?

Yoga Therapy and meditation help people remember their natural state: joy, calmness and peace. Move from struggle to surrender, inner quiet and the stillness of peace.

Restorative yoga is especially gentle and can be safely practiced. It is a self-reflection process and a practice of surrender, of letting go.

Finding a qualified teacher is very important. Brooke West is a Certified Yoga Therapist, a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Meditation Teacher.

Ancient Yogic practices are confirmed by modern science as sound and wise. Yoga helps us to cultivate personal awareness, reminds us how to be good people and expands our spiritual potential best through relaxation.

Yoga therapy is relevant to those whom have had a spiritual realization due to serious experiences, including but not limited to severe trauma; near-death or death witnessing; use of plant medicine, psychedelics and entheogens; transformative psychosis states; and other non-ordinary states of consciousness. Realizing our true nature and learning to live life happily is the reason Yoga remains a part of our culture. Yoga brings happiness and peace to the fore by releasing patterns and habits that block our true nature. Our true nature is joy, forgiveness and neutrality. By training our mind to seek inwardly, meditation reinforces right action and cultivates harmony, compassion and patience. Our outer life and our inner life are intimately connected. 

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To learn more about private Yoga therapy programs with Brooke West, online and in person, click here.

To book a consultation about Yoga Therapy with Brooke in person or remotely, by phone or online, please contact Brooke here

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For more information on all studio events, please visit


Brooke West Yoga Studio | Yoga West Cooperative

7730 Morro Road, suite 207, Atascadero, CA

Online at

Thursdays, 5:45pm, $15

Open to all levels including beginners, drop-ins welcome.

Dress warmly.

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Sunday, March 21 Postponed

1pm – 3:30pm

Please register early. This workshop fills.

What is Restorative Yoga?

Through the use of props that allow you to hold poses longer, we are able to cultivate a calm body and mind, giving you all the benefits of deep, passive stretching and meditation. Restorative Yoga helps provide physical and mental balance to prevent stress and anxiety. 

Weighted Blanket Therapy. Mood Self-Regulation. Depression, Fear, Anxiety Relief.

Boost Your Immune System. Balance Your Nervous System. Quiet Your Mind. Recover From Illness and Injury. Heal Emotional Pain. Improve Concentration, Focus and Confidence. Explore Personal, Spiritual Issues in a Supportive Atmosphere.

Gateway to Meditation

All levels, no experience necessary

Please pre-register wherever possible| Space is limited | Classes are small and personalized

Women's Restorative Retreat (3)

Women’s Restorative Retreat
Saturday, April 11
11am – 5pm

A Restful Day in Nature

Deep Relaxation

Gentle Energization Exercises

Guided Meditation

Ayurvedic, Gluten- and Dairy-free Lunch

Two Restorative Yoga Sessions

Wander the Garden Labyrinth

Citrus for Picking

Permaculture Food and Herb Farm

Optional Silence as Medicine

Self-Care Party Favor Goodies for Home Health with a Winter Health Theme

At a Private Ranch in Squire Canyon, SLO
No Previous Experience Necessary.

You will receive information about the retreat, including the menu, within a few days of the event via email.
$120, SOLD OUT

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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

This training is designed for Yoga teachers, practitioners and anyone with a sincere desire to learn more about Restorative Yoga, meditation and relaxation for health and personal development.  Stay tuned for future dates.


Brooke West is a Yoga Alliance® Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Yoga Therapist by The International Association of Yoga Therapists. She holds an undergraduate degree from California Polytechnic Sate University, San Luis Obispo. She has taught thousands of people around the U.S., conducted Yoga therapy research, presented at conferences and leads trainings and retreats. Her specialty is mental health and supporting spiritual emergence. Click here for more information.

Brooke offers one on one Yoga therapy programs for people with various medical challenges. Mental health and wellness are always a component of the care she offers.

Brooke West and the studio she co-founded, Yoga West Cooperative, offers classes, events, retreats, trainings and workshops to help clients who have a serious commitment to exploring personal wellness.

Build a healthy, thoughtful lifestyle with meditation as the cornerstone.

Remember we are not the weather patterns. We are the watcher. When witnessing becomes familiar, it frees us from fear, stress and anxiety. It is that simple.

Professional Yoga teachers and Yoga therapists can help you learn to help yourself.

“I feel better.” –E. Cavassa

“She is a true healer.” –Nancy Walker, Director of The Wellness Kitchen, Templeton

“I felt the effects of a single class for two weeks.” -C. Portin

“Brooke is a mystic who inspires people to look within themselves. She leads people to a higher state of consciousness.”  J. G. van Buerden.

A personal note from Brooke:

I help people recognize their innate healing resources. My clients transform their lives by attunement with their own sense of inner wisdom, spirituality and integrity.

I am a trauma survivor who boldly proclaims that Yoga changed my life, my body and my mind, and that Yoga can do the same for you.

Self-regulation is possible and is the best kind of lifestyle management.

Traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and other types of dysregulation can be balanced without medications or in concert with them. With practice, profound inner shifts renew one’s engagement with life, refreshing one’s attitude and energy. Spiritual emergence and emergency can become comfortable, enjoyable, informative and integrative.

Control and power over our lives are reinstated by learning to direct our energy in positive ways. We can shift mood, body temperature, identification with pain and more at will.

The emphasis in Yoga therapy is on wellness; compassionate self-care; healthy, purposeful, conscious living and personal Yoga and meditation practices.

Raja Yoga (meditation), yamaniyamas (ethical principles), Hatha Yoga (exercise), Yoga nidra (relaxed stillness between wakefulness and sleep), and Ayurveda (wholesome living) return practitioners to peace.


Enroll in a Private Yoga Therapy program

Book a free phone consultation


Announcing Yoga West Cooperative!

I have invited four amazing women – all teachers and helping professionals – to support the studio and our community in a cooperative way.  We are gearing up to offer more classes for your peace and health at the studio.

Al-Anon meets Mondays and Fridays at 12pm – 1pm, open to women only.

Please go to for more details, more classes, bios on the teachers, a calendar (!!) and more! Find us at 7730 Morro Road suite 207, Atascadero, in Atascadero Center, building in back, upstairs.

Together is better. Thank you for your continued support!

Hari OM

Peace AUM


Please contact Brooke by email with inquiries

 On Facebook

Please enquire for details or see

This facility is not wheelchair accessible.

Please refrain from using fragrances in the studio unless offered by the instructor. Thank you!

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.