Honored To Have Been Asked


Sunday, July 28
Central Coast Center for Spiritual Living 
689 Crocker St., Templeton

Brooke will be delivering the Sunday message: Relaxation and Your Spiritual Development
followed by a Restorative and Relaxing Yoga and Meditation Session at Noon 

I am honored to have been invited to present at CCCSL by Elizabeth Rowley, Spiritual Director, in the sweetest north
county chapel!
It even has a bell that they ring!

See the description below:

Brooke will discuss the importance of relaxation for spiritual development and lead a simple seated guided
relaxation. (There is no fee to attend the Sunday service.)

After the service, Brooke will offer a session of relaxation and restorative yoga for a deeper experience.
The investment for this session is $20 and you may register at the following link.


Friends – you don’t want to miss this opportunity to rest and relax your mind and body. You deserve it!

About Brooke West
Brooke has a lifelong connection to the Science of Mind/Church of Religious Science/Center for Spiritual
Living, which offers spiritual practices and community unconfined to any creed. CCCSL provides spiritual tools for personal and global transformation, to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence and envisions a
world that works for everyone. She will offer a bit of her moving story on Sunday.

Brooke West, BSc, C-IAYT is a yoga therapist and meditation teacher. She is co-owner of Yoga West
Cooperative, formerly Brooke West Yoga, offering classes, workshops and one on one yoga therapy to clients
for self-development, mental health and physical wellness.

Her specialty is in teaching Kriya Yoga Meditation in the lineage of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of
Autobiography of a Yogi, and in guiding people through restorative yoga, a passive, gentle style accessible to

She creates atmospheres of calmness so people can revisit the inherent peace that resides within us all, for
balance, clarity and effective living.


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