Extra! Extra! Yoga West Cooperative In The News!

Happy Summer!

Atascadero News came out to the Yoga and Meditation studio and interviewed me last week about Yoga therapy running the healing arts studio cooperatively.

Read the article here!

Four fabulous and established teachers – Dorene Garvin, Erika Indrani, Kari Stettler, and Kris Beal – and myself are making the space a comfortable place for all of us to learn, stretch, reflect and heal. If you have not yet had the pleasure of making their acquaintance, you are in for a treat! They are all kind, generous and dedicated women. Together, we are enjoying growing as a team, turning the office into a counseling and massage room and building upon the schedule. The four of them graciously chose the name Yoga West Cooperative for this iteration, to honor my continued service to the community.

Check out classes and workshop details and the schedule: www.yogawestcooperative.com

The studio stays cool under the canopy of trees, so please visit us this summer, and bring your loved ones!

To those of you who cannot join us for whatever reason: we send you love.

May all of your dreams come true, harmoniously.

May friendship and the spirit of joyful collaboration lighten your days.

Best wishes for a peace-filled you and for a healthier planet this season.

Stay Positive, In The Light